What Are Awning Windows? 7 Important Questions Answered!

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Energy-efficient and secure, awning windows are hinged at the top letting them open outwards at the bottom.

Though you can’t fully open this type of window, they still allow a good amount of ventilation and are great for small horizontal spaces that can’t fit a larger window.

So, if you’re looking for a window that’s a little less traditional or if you think an awning window might solve a problem in your home, read on to find out more.

Awning vs Casement Windows: What Are the Differences?

Awning windows and casement windows are often discussed together because they’re both hinged, crank windows.

Awning window vs. casement window.

The main difference between the two window styles is that awning windows tilt open at the bottom and have a hinge at the top.

Because of the way they open, awning windows are most often designed as horizontal rectangles (though not always), while casement windows are often designed as vertical rectangles.

You can learn more about casement windows here if you think that style might work better for you.

When Are Awning Windows a Good Choice?

Awning windows offer the perfect solution if you’re looking to fit a window higher up a wall for privacy, ventilation, or practical reasons. This makes them an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens, basements,  and home offices.  Their design also makes them ideal for an opening space that’s wider than it is high.

If you want to bring plenty of natural light and fresh air into a room without feeling overlooked, you can fit awning windows higher up your wall. They’re a great privacy option in bathrooms, where their convection ventilation helps to guard against condensation and mold. Fitted high up the wall in a kitchen, they free up wall space for shelves or hanging racks for all your kitchen equipment.  

Awnings have become a popular style for creating a landscape-style of window. You can use an awning window to capture an attractive view, where they offer a more affordable and practical alternative to a picture window. In smaller rooms, horizontal awning windows give the effect of elongating the wall. 

Are Awning Windows Good for Bedrooms?

Awning windows are one of the best options for ventilating and controlling the temperature in your bedroom. If you have a stuffy bedroom at night, these outward-opening windows allow you to cool your room while maintaining your home security. Opt for a high installation and you can place your bed or other bedroom furniture beneath the awning window.

Awning window in a bedroom.

Having a bedroom window that you can leave cranked open while still keeping your property secure solves the age-old problem of sleepless nights when the temperatures rise. If you live somewhere peaceful and quiet, dropping off and waking to the sounds of nature is a big plus. Their outward opening also stops any rainfall from making its way into your bedroom, so no need to feel too hot on humid, stormy nights.

Bedrooms can be tight on space, especially if you need to accommodate a desk or even a second bed. Because awning windows are often fitted higher up the wall, they can offer more choice for furniture placement (as well as providing privacy). This placement can work well in a nursery and young child’s room if you’re worried about your little one reaching up to a window mechanism. 

Are Awning Windows Expensive?

Awning windows average between $400-$600 per window, making them comparable in price to the common casement window, but more expensive than the popular double-hung window. Something to keep in mind is that awning windows tend to be smaller than other styles, therefore you may ultimately spend less on this style.

Though not a budget style, awning windows are by no means an expensive option. Their installation costs are also in line with other operable window styles, averaging at $100-$200 per window. Their excellent energy efficiency and the benefits they can offer in terms of temperature control, privacy, and positioning should all be factored in when weighing up the cost.  

When thinking about the price of awning windows, it’s worth considering how cost-effective it can be to add an awning window to non-operable window styles, such as picture windows. If you have windows that don’t open in your home but require more ventilation, adding small awning windows to the existing models can save you the cost of replacing the existing window.

Do Awning Windows Allow Good Airflow? 

Awning windows are hinged at the top, allowing them to be cranked open from the bottom. Though these windows tend to open to a 30-40° angle (though some do open up to 90°), their outward swing offers superb ventilation. Because they keep the rain out, they also help you maintain good airflow, whatever the weather. 

Though a casement window is king when it comes to catching cross-breezes for ventilating your home, when they’re placed high in a room, awning windows encourage the warm air that rises to rapidly be drawn out of the room. Usually smaller than other styles of window, turn to an awning window when you need to ventilate smaller spaces in your home, such as WC, bathroom, kitchen, or small basement.

Do Awning Windows Have Screens?

Awning windows do not come with screens as standard. In some areas, people add insect screens to their awning windows to keep insects out. However, unlike other types of window, you need to fit these screens internally rather than externally. 

Awning window screen.

Because when you crank open an awning window it swings outwards, you cannot fix a screen at the exterior – it needs to be placed inside your property. Some people don’t like this aesthetic nor the fact that you need to dispose of trapped bugs from inside the home. 

Keep in mind, that because awning windows don’t open as wide as some other window styles, flies and other insects don’t have such an easy time making their way into your home. If critters aren’t a big issue in your location, you’re unlikely to find the need to screen your awning windows.

Are Awning Windows for You?

Not as commonly seen as other window styles, the awning window makes for a stylish, non-traditional addition to both modern and traditional homes. Though people often choose them for practical reasons, their pleasing appearance and ability to capture the view make them an aesthetic-driven choice too.

So, are awning windows for you? Of course, only you can answer that, but they may well be if you’re looking for a versatile style that can solve space, privacy, and ventilation issues in your home.

If you’re not sure if an awning window is right for your space, click here to see our list of the 13 most popular window styles for your home.


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