Spring Cleaning Your House Fast: 11 Easy 10 Minute Tasks!

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Life just seems to get busier and busier, and keeping on top of the daily household chores can be enough of a juggling act most of the time. But that doesn’t mean we busy folks can’t get the fresh and organized feeling of a good spring cleaning!

Below you’ll find a list of quick and easy chores to break down your home’s deep cleaning needs into 11, 10 minutes-or-less jobs.  Rather than being faced with a huge schedule of spring cleaning jobs to do —which we have here in our Complete Spring Cleaning Guide for anyone interested — you can pick a simple, speedy task whenever you’ve got 10 minutes to spare.

So, whether you’re brimming with cleaning motivation or you’re here because you think 10 minutes is the maximum length of cleaning time that should be inflicted upon anyone – keep reading!

#1: Dust-Bust a Blind

Blinds are notorious for being dust traps, and most of us are notorious for avoiding the job of dusting them.

Unfortunately, not only does dust make a blind look dirty, but it will also send dust into the air every time you use the blind  – dust which will then settle somewhere else!

How to Dust Your Blinds in 10 Minutes or Less

To speed this job up, you can DIY yourself a pair of blind cleaners using a pair of kitchen tongs (yes, really), two cloths, and a couple of elastic bands. Cover each end of your kitchen tong with a cloth, securing it in place with an elastic band, dampen the cloths then clamp each blind slat with your tongs, gliding from one end to the other.  The damp cloths will trap the dust, and you can give them a rinse in between slats if you need to.  

If the idea of using your kitchen utensils on your blinds creeps you out, or if you have thin blinds, grabbing a cheap blind cleaning tool is a good idea so that you have it at the ready whenever you have a minute (and the will) to clean your blinds. This one I found on Amazon worked great on my kitchen and basement horizontal blinds and I think it would work well on vertical blinds as well.

#2: Clean your Washing Machine

If you’re willing to give up to ten minutes’ elbow grease, you’ll be rewarded with a washing machine that looks and smells as good as new. While this is a great spring cleaning project for your home, doing this once a month will help keep your washer drawer free from detergent build-up as well as mold and mildew.  

Make Your Washing Machine Sparkle in Under 10 Minutes

For cleaning the drum, the machine itself will do most of the hard work for you if you use a washing machine cleaner like Affresh, or my personal favorite after testing many for my cloth diaper business, Tide’s washing machine cleaner with Oxi right in it. 

Either one of those products will do a great job when used in either a self-cleaning cycle if your washer has one, or just a hot cycle if not.

Once the hot cycle is done, pull out the detergent drawer and if any parts are detachable, separate these.  Place them all in a basin of hot soapy water (dish soap works just fine) and with an old toothbrush or a thin scrub brush like this one (Amazon link), take a couple of minutes to get things nice and clean. 

With your last minute or two, with either white vinegar spray or a multipurpose cleaner, wipe the lid and spray where the soap dispenser drawer normally sits and also the rubber seal around the drum, then give these areas a good scrub with the toothbrush, followed by a wipe. Reinsert your drawer and you can tick cleaning your washing machine off your list!

#3: Wash Your Doors

This is one of those jobs where, if you know a great cleaning technique, it takes you no time at all.  Painted doors and door frames can start to look a bit grimy over time but instead of repainting them try this spring cleaning hack instead!

Cleaning Solution Recipe to Clean Your Doors FAST!

There are lots of cleaning products on the market that you can use on painted wood, such as a Magic Eraser sponge or Goo Gone (Amazon links), but there’s something else you can try – and you’ve probably already got it in your laundry room. 

Just a few capfuls of concentrated fabric softener in half a bucket of hot water makes an amazing (and budget-friendly) cleaning solution for your doors and frames. Ideally applied with a microfibre cloth, you’ll get more than one door and frame grime-free (and smelling awesome) within ten minutes with this secret recipe.

#4: Clean Behind Your Fridge

Do you remember the last time you cleaned behind your fridge?

Me neither. But I know that every time I do I realize it’s a job well worth doing.

fridge seems like a big task but it won’t take you long you tackle it with a plan. Here’s how to do it quickly!

How to Clean Behind the Fridge in 10 Minutes or Less

First, get everything you need ready (a broom or vacuum, a cleaning spray, and a wet cloth or wipe). Next, clear off everything you may have stored (or hidden from your kids) on top of the fridge. Finally, go on and shimmy the fridge out from the wall (with some help, if needed).

Pick up all those random items that have made their way under the fridge, give the area a good vacuum or sweep, and then spray and wipe down the area.  If there are any sticky spots on the floor, once you’re done trying to work out what on earth that could be, a splash of vinegar on a cloth soaked in hot water will do wonders for lifting it off.  For particularly nasty goop, that Goo Gone (Amazon links) I mentioned before is usually going to get it off the quickest.

Before you push the fridge back in place, why not take an extra minute to give the back and sides of the fridge a wipe too?

#5: Clean Your Window Sills

Window sills can become a bit of a dumping ground in the home, and as well as collecting the likes of spare change and letters, they also collect dust – a well-known allergen.  Taking ten minutes to organize and clean all the window sills in one room can not only reduce dust in the home, but it also makes a room feel brighter and the cleared surfaces make a room feel decluttered and spacious. 

How to Clean Your Widow Sills in 10 Minutes or Less

Take everything off the window sill and sort out what needs to be tidied away elsewhere, then take a hoover or damp cloth and clear away any dust – especially in the corners.

If you’re using a damp cloth, why not quickly go over the window frames too? Any ornaments or plants going back onto the sill should also be wiped, and just like that, you have fresh, dust, and clutter-free sills.

#6: Flip and Vaccuum Your Mattress

We all spend hours a day in our beds but most of us don’t deep clean it often!

Deep Clean Your Mattress in 10 Minutes or Less for a Better Night’s Sleep!

To deep clean your mattress, first, remove your bedding and vacuum the top of the mattress.

Next, if your mattress is a pillow-top, spin your mattress 180 degrees so that the head of the mattress is now the foot of the mattress.

If your mattress isn’t a pillow-top, go ahead and flip that bad boy right over. Flipping your mattress keeps the mattress filling evenly distributed, preventing it from becoming misshapen and uncomfortable. 

Once the mattress is repositioned, vacuum the top again, as well as the sides of the mattress to get any dust mites that may be hiding out. Finally, putting on some new bedding will finish the job.

#7: Clean Your Microwave

Deep cleaning your microwave will not only help to get rid of those unseen spills and lingering odors, but it will also get rid of any microbial growth that may be lurking. With that said, it’s a painful job that no one likes, so why not speed it up with a hack?

How to Clean Your Microwave Fast!

You can make cleaning your microwave so much easier by dampening the inside of it first.  To do this (and to degrease and deodorize simultaneously) half fill a bowl with water, pop in a few slices of lemon, and microwave it, uncovered, for around 90 seconds on high.

After the beep, carefully remove the bowl, take out the microwave plate then do an initial wipe down inside the microwave to clear out any softened food and condensation.  Next, give it a spray with a kitchen cleaner (avoid abrasive cream cleaners) and one more wipe down to kill off any remaining germs.

Wash the microwave plate in some hot, soapy water before returning it to the now-fresh microwave, and you’re good to go!

#8: Cleanse Your Refridgerator

I’m not going to try and say you can get your whole fridge organized and cleaned in ten minutes, but who says you have to do it all at once?

Clean Your Whole Fridge in 10-minute Chunks

Pick a shelf for your first ten-minute slot and clear everything off it, lining the chilled items up on your counter. Fill up your sink with soapy water and place the actual fridge shelf in there to soak. While that’s soaking, check the items on your counter.  Does anything need to be thrown out?  Could any jars or containers do with a wipe down to clean off stickiness or stains?

Once you’ve done that, give the shelf a wash and a rinse then dry it thoroughly.  Before putting it back into the fridge, check whether the brackets it sits on need a wipe down. Then you’re all ready to replace the shelf and restock it.

Next time you have ten minutes free, move on to the next shelf or vegetable bin.

#9: Wash Your Shower Curtain

We don’t often notice but shower curtains can quickly look a bit dingy, and cleaning them properly will not only prolong the life of your curtain significantly but brighten up the whole washroom. 

Washing Your Shower Curtain the Easy Way

Unfortunately, no matter how you slice it, washing your shower curtain will mean you have to unhook and rehang it from your curtain rod, but this is the longest part!

To wash your shower curtain you can simply throw it in your washing machine! Yes, even if it’s plastic! To pick the most appropriate washer cycle, check out what material it’s made from. If your curtain is completely PVC, throw it in a cold, quick cycle or a “waterproof” cycle if you have it on your machine. If your shower curtain is polyester or another fabric, chose a cooler delicates cycle.

Once the cycle’s done, you can re-hang your shower curtain in place to let it air dry! Quick and easy.

Washing your shower curtain every month or so will not only get rid of visible stains and odors, it will prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

#10: Dust Away Cobwebs

We can stop noticing cobwebs after a while, but once you’ve dusted them away you’ll feel the difference.  With the right tool, you can de-web your whole home in way less than ten minutes!

How to Clear Cobwebs Fast (and without a stepladder)!

Setting up a step ladder can take a lot of time, especially as you move it from spot to spot, so investing just a couple of bucks in a good telescopic polyfibre duster will slash the time it takes you to clean up cobwebs down to nothing. I like this duster I found on Amazon because I’m also able to use it for my bedroom ceiling fan.

If you’re finding a lot of excess dust during this job, once the webs are removed, dampen the head of the duster slightly and go back over the area for a more controlled and effective dusting.

#11: Disinfect your Garbage Cans

Taking the trash out isn’t anyone’s favorite job, but a clean garbage can will make the chore a little easier on the nose!  Cleaning and disinfecting your can will also help to reduce bacterial growth.  

How to Clean Your Trash Can the Fast Way (No Touching the Inside Required)

On garbage day after the can has been emptied, squeeze some toilet bowl cleaner (to make it easy get one of those ones with the bent bottleneck, like this one) around the side of the can. Toilet bowl cleaner works well because it’s made for tough germs. Next, drizzle some water along the sides as well.

Once you have some water and cleaner in there, take a simple toilet brush and scrub the sides and bottom of the can (I told you there was no touching required!). Once it looks like you have the dirt lifted, tip out the soapy water and if you have a pressure washer, give them a good rinse and if not, swish them out a couple of times with fresh buckets of hot water.  Don’t forget to use some of your cleansers to scrub the lid and outside of the cans too.

What’s Next?

As you can see, tackling spring cleaning projects doesn’t have to take up much time or elbow grease, but these little jobs can make a real difference to your home. Starting out with manageable projects and then enjoying the results can give you the motivation you need to keep going with your spring cleaning. 

Once you’re feeling inspired and the warm weather arrives keep going and check out our list of 11 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Projects [Get Them Done In An Hour!]


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