Rustic Farmhouse Bedding To Level Up Your Whole Bedroom

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Getting that perfect rustic farmhouse look in your bedroom is nearly impossible without bedding that has the right style since the bed is usually the dominant piece of furniture.

The rustic farmhouse style celebrates the imperfections and the raw materials that we’re surrounded by in nature.

Rustic farmhouse bedding, therefore, features the natural fibers and textures found in nature, such as cotton, linen, wool, and even fur. Neutral tones are also important to keep that natural feel. Traditionally repurposed items, namely quilts, are also featured in abundance to highlight that imperfect, back-to-basics feeling.

Luckily this aesthetic is easy to achieve, and below I’ve curated for you a bundle of rustic farmhouse bedding options to choose from to help you get the perfect look for your space.

Of course, the real magic is in mixing many different textures and materials together in a way that accentuates the organic feel of the rustic farmhouse aesthetic. Once you’ve chosen some of your favorite bedding from this list you can check out the quick and easy guide on How to Style a Farmhouse Bed here.

Rustic Farmhouse Blankets and Throw Blankets

  1. An Icelandic Yarn, Knitted Blanket with Tassels

    The rustic farmhouse look is all about textures, and nothing adds texture quite like a knitted throw blanket.

    This beautiful and well-priced one from MYLUNE HOME is made of high-quality Iceland yarn and looks absolutely stunning when stretched across a bed (see pictures on the product page).

    Six color options — green, cream, grey, off-white, pink, and yellow — mean you can easily match your specific decor.


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  2. A Warm Wool Throw Blanket with Fringe

    If you're looking for something a bit on the warmer side to add to your rustic farmhouse design this wool throw blanket by Farridoro is picture perfect.

    Even better, since it's made from 50% Wool and 50% Polyester Material you get all the warmth and look of real wool without the itchiness. This blanket is somehow buttery soft!


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Rustic Farmhouse Quilts and Quilt Sets

  1. A 100% Cotton Jacquard Rustic Farmhouse Quilt Set
    $180.00 ($60.00 / Count)

    Nothing says rustic farmhouse quite like a beautiful cotton quilt and I absolutely love the Lyla reversible striped/floral quilt set from HiEnd Accents.

    When paired with buffalo plaid this set creates a look that's both classic and cozy while being both feminine and masculine.

    This look just has everything going for it!

    The 3-piece quilt set is lightweight and comes with pillow shams to complete your bed, but for the full look, I really recommend pairing it with their Camille 3-piece plaid set as you see in this photograph. 

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  2. A Neutral-striped Reversible Quilt Set

    If a 100% cotton quilt just isn't in the cards, you always can get a polyester version that is just as beautiful and still has that farmhouse feel, but for less expense.

    In fact, the Myrtille microfiber reversible quilt set by Gracie Oaks is the perfect layering quilt that would not only look at home in your rustic farmhouse bed, but would actually work in a number of rooms because of its classic, yet still somehow modern design.

    The quilt set is still soft and lightweight but has the durability of synthetic materials. It also comes with pillow shams to complete your bed, but for the full look should of course be layered with a few different throw pillows to pull the rustic farmhouse look together. 

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Farmhouse Rustic Comforter Sets

  1. A Buffalo Check 8-Piece Bed in a Bag Set

    Once again, you don't have to sacrifice your rustic farmhouse vision if a 100% cotton comforter set is above your budget, there are polyester blend versions available.

    This polyester microfiber buffalo plaid comforter from Walmart would look gorgeous layered with floral pillows or sheets (just check out the photo of Cotton Jacquard Rustic Farmhouse Quilt Set) and is machine washable.

    Even better, this comforter is part of a "bed in a bag" set so it comes with the comforter, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, pillowcases and shams, and a bed skirt! Though I would always recommend layering prints together for a rustic farmhouse look, the value is clear on this one! 

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Rustic Farmhouse Duvet Covers and Coverlets

  1. A Linen Duvet Cover Set With Button Details

    If you could only buy one bedding set to create your rustic farmhouse bedroom look, this would have to be a perfect choice.

    Available in five neutral colors — Dark gray, natural, navy blue, rust, and white — this duvet cover set is made from 100% linen making it perfect for this peaceful design aesthetic, which is rooted in natural materials.

    Though it of course would look perfect with l chunky wool throw (check out the MYLUNE HOME one at the top of the page) this duvet set gives that rustic farmhouse look on its own too. This set includes one duvet cover and two pillow shams.

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Rustic Farmhouse Sheets and Pillowcase Sets

Rustic Farmhouse Throw Pillows and Pillow Covers

Styling Your Rustic Farmhouse Bedding

Now that you have a ton of rustic farmhouse bedding options at your fingertips, you may be wondering just how to put it all together to create your unique take on this beautiful style.

To help you put it all together, I have a quick and easy Farmhouse Bed Styling tutorial here.


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