Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends 2022

By thewriteDuffy •  Updated: 06/07/24 •  5 min read

If you’re designing a new kitchen or planning a kitchen renovation, staying on top of color trends is important to ensure your new kitchen doesn’t look dated before it’s even installed.

To help navigate us through the kitchen cabinet color trends of 2022, Nishtha S. Dhand, Creative Director and Founder of NISH Online Interior Design, gave us her list of five famous cabinet colors in 2022.

Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Colors for 2022

1. Sage Green 

“Greens are the new cool. Right when you want to introduce nature indoors, greens are one of the best options on the kitchen cabinets,” Nishtha said.

Nishtha added that Sherwin Williams Retreat and Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray as examples of the sage greens on trend, which she said offer a perfect blend of nature and soothe. 


“Off-whites are one of the most popular options for the kitchen cabinets, Nishtha said. “They’re versatile and can easily complement one and all interior design styles.”

Nishtha also said off-white cabinets won’t make your kitchen look overpowering.

If you have an open-concept home with another main focal-point this could make it an enticing choice.

3. Baby Blue

“Do you want to make your kitchen appear lighter, cooler, and airier? Well, shades like Sherwin Williams Atmospheric and North Star will definitely create a soothing and calming effect.

“These hues of nature are definitely welcomed in the year 2022!” Nishtha said.

4. Blush Pink

Another, less obvious color trend is blush pink.

“Even though blush pink appears quite fragile and soft, this feminine color will make a notable statement in your kitchen – and especially on the cabinets,” Nishtha said.

She added that blush pink kitchen cabinets can pair beautifully with matte black, satin brass, and satin chrome finishes.

5. Gray-Blue

Gray-blue is also a trendy option for kitchen cabinets in 2022.

“This neutral is upcoming in the interior design industry. It looks modern and crisp on the kitchen cabinets and at the same time, make it feel larger and airier,” Nishtha said.

Nishtha named Sherwin Williams tradewind and Daphne as two specific gray-blue options that would make a beautiful statement. 

What Kitchen Cabinet Colors Are Actually Selling in 2022?

While color trends are always exciting to follow, what’s hot in the magazines is not always what everybody is buying.

Kyle Kauffman, president of Kauffman Kitchens, a cabinet installation and countertop fabrication company in Pennsylvania, said that for his clients, there are always some colors that are more popular than others in a given year.

For painted cabinets, Kyle is noticing the same nature trend that Nishtha mentioned.

“In our experience for 2022, we have seen popular colors being earthy greens, natural wood, two toned cabinets, and darker shades of gray and black. As always, white is a color that has not gone out of style,” Kyle said.

What About White Kitchen Cabinets in 2022?

I love clean, bright and white kitchen cabinets, especially when they are part of a bright scandi or other modern space. But I may be old-fashoned in my thinking that they are a safe choice for a kitchen cabinet color.

“All white kitchens are surprisingly no more in trend! It is fading, monotonous, and old-school. The latest trends prove that colors are all set to bring a sense of joy and contrast to a room,” Nishtha said. “There are more safer options when it comes to kitchen cabinets!”

With that said, I may not be the only one still in love with white at the moment.

“White is a color that has not gone out of style,” Kyle said. “White is always a very popular color. You can’t go wrong with this color because it makes your kitchen feel light and open.”

Top 3 Timeless Cabinet Colors

If you’re investment-minded like me and the idea of safer color options is appealing, Nishtha pointed to three timeless cabinet colors that may be a safer choice than white.

According to Nishtha, some classic and timeless colors are:

  1. off-whites (creamy and cool),
  2. beiges, grays, and
  3. black.

While we’ve been talking about painted cabinet colors in this article so far, it’s important to mention that painted cabinets aren’t the only trendy yet classic option.

“Natural wood is another cabinet style that is always in style. Different shades come and go but our clients always love to have cabinets that look like wood,” Kyle added.

Of course, you’ll want to stick to modern wood tones, and not that 1970’s orange pine.

What Cabinet Finishes are Trendy in 2022?

In addition to choosing the color of your new cabinets, you’ll also need to choose a finish to have it applied in.

You can read more about all of the cabinet finishes available here, but if you’re wanting to stay on trend one of the most popular finishes is semi-gloss, Nishtha said.

“One of the most popular finishes is semi-gloss as it tends to offer the perfect amalgamation of sophistication and elegance,” Nishtha said. “Other than that, satin is equally embraced. It is a great fit for modern, minimalist and Scandinavian style kitchens.”

For those going with unpainted wood cabinetry, Kyle says to keep the finish natural.

“In our experience we have seen clients gravitating towards more natural cabinet finishes that won’t alter the color of wood if they have choosen wooden cabinets. The finish normally goes on clear so all you see is the beautiful color underneath,” Kyle explained. “The other popular cabinet finish we are seeing is a glazed or semi-glazed cabinet. This can help to accentuate the wood of your cabinets and add a beautiful top coat.”


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