About us

About April & Dan

Hi, we’re April and Dan, and together we’re Making this Home:

That’s right, this patch of grass is the site of our dream home (along with a few other homes, some of which we’re also involved with building). 

But don’t worry, we’ve done this before! 

Here’s what we’ve been up to together in home space the over the past 19 years:

Of course, we couldn’t have done all of that without some special expertise and knowledgeable friends in the trades; and that’s where Dan’s career and knowledge come into play. 

Dan is a Master Electrician in Ontario, Canada, who has 20+ years of construction experience focused on new home builds and home renovations. 

He owns UltraViolet Electric, the electrical company Ottawa trusts for top-notch service and reliability.

Dan also builds and flips custom homes in the area. 

About this Site 

In addition to building our dream home, we’re also building Making this Home, just for you! 

Sure, this website will document our journey building our dream home from the foundation up, but we are developing it to also become one of the best, and easiest to understand resources for you as you plan to build or renovate your own home too. 

And don’t worry, April’s done this before!

April is a writer, author, and online marketer with 15+ years of experience writing for newspapers and magazines, building online authority websites, and publishing books. 

She has a diploma in journalism and a post-graduate diploma in book and magazine publishing.

You can find links to her many projects on thewriteduffy.com.

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We’re here for you, so let’s connect, and don’t be afraid to reach out and tell us what you’re building; we’d love to hear about it!